The termites infesting the premises ,live in colonies in the soil from where they infiltrate into buildings.

Anti termite treatment in pre construction 

Anti termite treatment in post construction

Technically advanced advanced anti termite system

Termi Line System

"Puts chemicals where bugs live not where people live"

Rodent Control

Rats are various medium sized , long tailed rodents of the super family Muroidea. True rats are members of the genus Rattus,the most important of which to humans are the black rat.Many members of other rodent genera and families are also referred to as rats,and share many characteristics with true rats.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattodea, which also includes termites. About 30 cockroach species out of 4,600 are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests.

Vector Control is any method to limit or eradicate the mammals, birds, insects or other arthropods (here collectively called "vectors") which transmit disease pathogens

Mosquito Control

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